Work and parenthood.

Where family and career really are compatible!


Coworking Toddler unites family and career, creating an opportunity to achieve genuine balance. 


State-approved childcare assistants take the very best care of the children, engaging them in while parents work close by.


In our co-working space, parents can network and focus on their job in a professional environment.

The idea

Coworking Toddler thinks about childcare in a whole new way, and at last makes the dream of combining family and career a reality. You can find our Berlin workspace in Prenzlauer Berg on Greifenhagener Strasse 48, close to the S- and U-Bahnhof Schönhauser Allee.

Our philosophy is to bring together career and childcare: with us, parents can focus on their work in a professional environment, while we take the very best care of their little ones right next door in our childcare space, where we create a truly unique educational experience. We help parents get more out of their professional and family lives for the benefit of parents, kids and businesses!

Coworking Toddler is suitable for:

  • Parents who are self-employed, freelance or employed and working from home

  • Parents who want to focus on work but still be close to their children

  • Parents who are looking for a caring environment for their children

  • Parents who are looking to combine family and career

  • Parents who are looking for a new approach to childcare that’s mindful of both parents’ and children’s needs.

Our childcare facilities

Our qualified, state-approved childcare assistants offer professional childcare and age-appropriate activities for children. Coworking Toddler’s unique blend of workspace and childcare means that unlike a conventional daycare, you can breastfeed while at work and even have lunch with your children, the staff looking after them and other parents. In agreement with daycare staff, parents can even meet with their children occasionally to snuggle, play or recharge their batteries.

Our daycare is built upon the framework of a unique educational concept, the essentials of which include:

Our Co-working space


In our co-working space, parents can focus on work whilst their children are cared for right next door.

Our office area doesn’t just look good, there’s also a lot of substance to it: Every desk can be used full-time during daycare opening hours and includes WLAN, an electricity outlet and a locker. There are fixed desks so that parents don’t have to move to a new desk every day. Parents can tackle their projects in a productive atmosphere, network and connect with other parents.  For telephone calls, we’ve also created two separate areas.

In the kitchenette, there’s a refrigerator for keeping your snacks and “brain food” fresh. And of course, freshly-ground coffee and a large selection of teas.

At lunch time, children, parents and daycare staff meet in the communal area. Lunch is delivered, freshly prepared by an organic wholefoods catering service. Parents who wish to meet with their children during the day, for example to breastfeed can arrange this directly with staff. Should a child need its’ parents, parents are of course informed right away. After all, daycare is only next door!

For companies

Coworking Toddler offers companies an optimal solution to help make their employees’ return to work after parental leave quicker and smoother. Instead of working from home with a child around, employees can focus on work, safe in the knowledge that their children are being cared for just next door. A family-orientated approach doesn’t have to compromise productivity.

As well as shorter periods of parental leave and sustainable employee loyalty, companies benefit from being proven to foster family friendly values. Get in touch with us and we can work together to find a tailored solution for your company.

Supporters and sponsors


We could never have launched Coworking Toddler without the help of others. This has definitely been a group effort with many different people supporting us in both word and deed. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to you all!

Together we are taking a stand for the successful combination of family and career. Will you join us?

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