Modern living - new work and family - compatibility
that's what we stand for.

Coworking Toddler thinks childcare in a completely new way in order to finally make real, lived compatibility possible for families.

Our offer combines work and childcare: With us, parents can concentrate on their work in a professional environment while their babies and children are lovingly cared for in the group at the daycare center right next door. We create the space for a better work environment and improved family life – everyone benefits from this: children, parents and companies!


The children are lovingly cared for by state-certified educators in close proximity to their parents and are supported in an age-appropriate manner.


Family and career are moving closer together again: This makes Coworking Toddler the concept for true compatibility.


In our coworking space, parents can work and network in a focused, professional environment.

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What sets us apart

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Our Childcare

NOTE: We are currently full, but we do have space in our facilities for your children at short notice. Please fill out the registration form below completely & we will contact you.

Our educators offer loving care and age-appropriate support for the children. Due to the unique combination of workplace and childcare, it is possible, in contrast to conventional childcare facilities, to continue breastfeeding the child and, in consultation, to eat lunch together with the child, the educators and the other parents. The food for this is delivered fresh daily by our organic full value caterer. Parents can also meet their children with the educators in between meals – to cuddle, play or recharge their batteries.

Our pedagogical concept consists of 5 pillars:

Our Coworking Space

Here, parents can work in a concentrated manner while the children are lovingly cared for close by.

Our office area not only looks good, but also has a lot in it: each workspace can be flexibly used full-time 24/7, including Wifi, electricity and a lockable cabinet. In a productive atmosphere, parents can implement their projects, socialize and exchange ideas with other parents. Separate areas are set up for making phone calls.

There is a refrigerator in the kitchenette to keep snacks and nerve food fresh. And, of course, freshly ground coffee and a wide selection of teas are available.

 If the child needs the parents, the educators will be in touch – it’s just a few steps to the childcare area.

Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

The premises of our first location are situated in the heart of the Prenzlauer Berg district, located between Schönhauser Allee and Stargarder Strasse. Our children romp in bright rooms with their own outdoor space, which we have redesigned with our parents into an urban discovery and play garden.

Berlin - Neukölln

Our second location was opened in May 2019 in a prime location on the beautiful Maybachufer. In the spacious premises of the representative new building, we care for children until they start school. Our children can play and romp inside or use the in-house courtyard with playground and lawn at any time.

Supporters & Sponsors

We could never have brought Coworking Toddler into the world on our own. Like in a big family, many people are involved in this project, who stand by us with advice and action or with very concrete support. For this we say a heartfelt THANK YOU!
Together, we are setting an example for the compatibility of family and career.


With a donation you support our work.

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We will contact you when there are vacancies. Please remind us every 3 months of your existing interest.