Coworking Toddler is Germany’s first coworking space with a childcare centre, which was awarded as one of the 100 most innovative places by the German government and economy in 2018. 

Parents can work in a concentrated and productive way while their children are lovingly looked after right next door. We are rethinking childcare from the ground up to adapt it to the individual needs of modern families and finally enable true compatibility.

The most important prerequisite you have to bring along is that at least one parent has the possibility to work location-independently.

Our concept is not only aimed at freelancers, but also, for example, employees who can work in a home office and parents who are studying or continuing their education.

We attach great importance to parents regularly working next door in the coworking area and thus being part of an intensive educational partnership and lively parent community.

We rely on full-time care by state-certified educators.

With us, there is as much connection time as there is free space for everyone: The children are cared for in the childcare area, including their own outdoor area, and are supported in fixed groups according to their age.

The children are cared for continuously and without breaks, with full meals provided by an organic wholefood caterer.

We currently operate two coworking daycare centres in Berlin, with more in the works.

The parents arrive with their children in the morning in peace – since there is only one way to the office and the day care center with us, it is more relaxed for everyone. The children then have breakfast together and as a welcoming ritual there is a morning circle in the childcare center.

Meanwhile, the parents are already sitting at their desks and can devote themselves to their projects. At lunchtime, there is the opportunity to eat together with the children and teachers in the nursery.

If a child needs to be close to mum or dad, for example to breastfeed, the teachers will let them know and the parents will come to the nursery where they can meet their child. Other joint breaks are possible after consultation with the teachers. At the end of the day, the parents pick up the children at the nursery or in the garden before they go home together.

The adaption process (“Eingewöhnung”) follows our special pedagogical concept and is based on the so-called “Berlin adaption model” (“Berliner Eingewöhnungsmodell”), in which the children are adapted to the childcare center step by step over a period of about four weeks.

Particular attention is paid to the individual needs of each child and close consultation with the educators. The adaption process can be much gentler and more individual than in conventional childcare centers, as the parents are always close by.

Each settling in begins with a detailed preliminary meeting in which the process of settling in is discussed individually. After each adaption, there is a feedback meeting with the parents.

The joint lunch is a fixed and important part of our concept and the children naturally look forward to seeing mum or dad for lunch.

Therefore, parents should be present as often as possible. But it’s perfectly fine if parents can’t attend lunch now and then, for example when they have out-of-office appointments: At Coworking Toddler, the children are part of a community of parents, educators and children and thus always have familiar people around them.

We provide freely selectable full-time workstations, equipped with an office chair and a lockable cupboard in which work utensils can be stored.

Of course, there is high-speed WLAN, electricity and a copier as well as a printer, scanner and fax machine.

To recharge your batteries, there is a coffee/tea kitchen and a courtyard with seating.

Parents are welcome to share the workplace. For example, one parent can spend a home office day with us while the other parent has an outside appointment.

Other caregivers of the child can also work in the coworking space – whether it’s the godfather, godmother, grandma, grandpa or the babysitter. Talk to us, we are open to flexible arrangements!

As the child is looked after by a pedagogical specialist and during the care hours the responsibility for supervision lies with us, the parents can also leave the office.

Please register via our registration form. You will then receive a confirmation mail with a request to check back every 3 months.

New places can only be filled when a place becomes available. This is often not predictable in the long term (with the exception of children starting school in the summer).

Places are allocated in particular according to age. If we have a free childcare place, we will contact you personally and arrange a meeting to get to know each other.

Parents need a childcare voucher (“Kitagutschein”) for childcare at Coworking Toddler, which you can apply for here from the Berlin Senate. It is important that the voucher is still valid when you start with us – usually the voucher is valid for 16 weeks after it has been issued.

As we are recognized as a public day childcare center, our parents benefit from state funding. In Berlin, there is currently no cost contribution for childcare (with the exception of the contribution for lunch and, if applicable, other additional contributions for special educational offers).

The costs for the coworking space depend on the location – so feel free to ask us for our current prices.

Thank you for your registration!

We will contact you when there are vacancies. Please remind us every 3 months of your existing interest.