What is Coworking Toddler?

Coworking Toddler is Germany’s first co-working space with attached daycare facilities. In our co-working space, parents can focus on work whilst their children are taken care of next door by experienced childcare professionals. We are reinventing childcare, in order to adapt to the individual needs of modern families and to finally make it possible to make career reconcilable with parenthood.

How is Coworking Toddler different from other parent-child workspaces?

We are committed to full-time care by state-approved childcare professionals. People convene at Coworking Toddler but also get to have their own personal space. The children are cared for in fixed groups in the daycare area with its’ own outside space. Daycare is offered on a continuous basis, without breaks from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. with meals provided by an organic wholefoods caterer. Coworking Toddler’s location in Prenzlauer Berg has an additional outside area and is located at Greifenhagener Strasse 48, in a quiet, premium location in the middle of a popular neighborhood, very close to the S-Bahn, U-Bahn and tram station ‘Schönhauser Allee’ and a variety of shopping facilities.

How is the concept applied in everyday life?

Since the morning starts with only one destination, parents and children can have a relaxed commute. Children eat breakfast together and come together in the playroom for their daily greeting ritual in the form of morning circle. Whilst this goes on, parents are usually already sitting at their desks and can fully dedicate themselves to their projects.  At lunchtime, everyone meets in the communal area for lunch. If a child should need to be close to their Mom or Dad outside of this time together, for example to be breastfed, daycare staff let the parents know and they can meet in the communal area. Further collective breaks are possible in agreement with staff. At the end of the day, parents pick up their children in the playroom or in the outside space and they go home together.

How does the acclimatization period work?

Acclimatization (called “Eingewöhnung” in German) is carried out according to our distinctive educational concept and is based upon the so-called “Berlin acclimatization model”. With this model, children are gradually integrated into daycare over a four-week period, the individual needs of each child are respected and parents and educators work together closely. Acclimatization can be even gentler and more individual than in normal daycare institutions because parents are reachable at any time. After every child’s acclimatization period, there is a detailed feedback meeting with parents.

Do I have to take part in the communal lunch break?

Eating lunch together is a fixed and important part of our concept and the children are of course happy when they get to see their Mom or Dad at lunchtime. Therefore, parents should join as often as possible. Of course, it’s fine if parents occasionally aren’t able to take part, for example if they have an external appointment. Since the children at Coworking Toddler are part of a community of parents, educators and their fellow classmates, theyalways have trusted persons around them.

How are the workspaces equipped? Which packages can be booked?

We provide a fixed work space, equipped with an office chair and a locker, in which stationary and equipment can be stored. High-speed WLAN, electrical outlets and a photocopier, printer, scanner and fax machine are also provided. When you want to rest and recharge there is a kitchenette with tea and coffee-making facilities and a small seating area in the back yard. For those who fancy something a little more strenuous, there’s also a table tennis table.

Can I share a workspace with my partner?

Parents are welcome to share a workspace. That way, a salaried parent can spend a home office day with us, whilst the other parent attends external meetings. Godmother, Godfather, Grandmother, Grandfather, babysitter are also very welcome to work in our co-working space. Talk to us! We are open to flexible arrangements.

Do I need to stay in the office all day or can I go to external appointments?

Since children are being cared for by trained daycare assistants and parents have no duty of care during daycare opening times, they can leave the office.

Can I book Coworking Toddler on a monthly, daily or hourly basis?

We are open to flexible working models. Depending on capacity, it’s possible to work with us on a temporary basis or without use of our daycare facilities.

How much does it cost?

To use the childcare facilities at Coworking Toddler, parents require a daycare voucher, for which you apply here through the Berlin education authority (“Senate” in German). It’s important that this voucher is valid when you start working with us.

Because we are an approved public daycare institution, our parents benefit from a state subsidy. You pay an income-based contribution, depending on the hours of care needed and number of siblings (you can find further information on this from page 8). 3 years before school begins, childcare is free. That means, for children from around 3 years of age childcare is free-of-charge (except for a contribution for lunch and where applicable an additional fee for a particular educational element)

For the age groups below 3 years, the parent cost contribution will gradually become obsolete from 1st August 2016. From 2018, childcare is completely free-of-charge.

Co-working costs depend on the number of packages you book (Basic package/Profi package/Coffee & tea flat rate) We offer special deals and tandem desk spaces, where multiple parents can share a workspace between themselves. Ask us about our current prices and capacity.